Laura Malacart (PhD) is a research-based practitioner and writer who uses cultural practice to address contemporary issues about identities and epistemologies in the asymmetries of a globalised society. 


"The Little Book of Answers: Dancing the Answers of the Citizenship Test"

The Little Book of Answers, a participatory work utilising as a starting point a book exclusively compiled with the correct answers of the UK citizenship test, launched in the Turbine Hall in 2015. The project was created as a response to a citizenship praxis refashioned by the coalition government and promoting its neoliberal ideological programme. 

Utilising a stance that embraces the problematic mode of a citizenship praxis with its finite, limited and unquestionable pedagogic model, Laura Malacart has evolved the project in a range of new iterations and interacted with diverse environments and interlocutors.  According to writer Bianca Frasso, the project reinstates the autopoiesis, or the creative ability of a system to regenerate itself, in a context that precludes it, such as that of the finite multiple choice test.