Leen Rieth is an artist and researcher. Their practice and research are informed by body experimentation as a means to study institutional resistance. Leen’s practice involves sculpture, performance and workshops. Leen has exhibited widely throughout Australia including Boxcopy and Institute of Modern Art (QLD), with Liquid Architecture (Vic), Canberra Contemporary Art Space (ACT), and Constance ARI (Tas). They have recently completed a residency at Cité Internationale des arts (Paris) aided by the Ross Steele Scholarship for a residency in Art & Design. Leen is currently a PhD candidate at University of New South Wales Art and Design.


"Studying choice in institutional art spaces through practice-led queer institutional critique"

The paper is a queer institutional critique of participation in tertiary art institutions and art spaces in Australia. Professionalisation taught in tertiary art institutions and art spaces teach artists that they must comply with and replicate institutional logics in order to successfully participate within art institutions. This effectively encourages artists to reaffirm existing systems of privilege and profit in the pursuit of sustaining their art practices. Participation in art creates scenarios to study participation in institutions, and the contingencies of relationships within these spaces. Institutional art spaces are an ideal context to study participation in institutional space because art institutions replicate broader institutional logics. The paper will discuss alternate visual pedagogy methods for studying choice and participation within these spaces by engaging with methods of institutional resistance discussed by Fred Moten and Stefano Harney, Jacques Ranciere, Jack Halberstam and Paul Preciado, and through the art work ‘The Embassy of Non Participation’ (2016), part of the project ‘The Museum of Non-Participation’ by Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler, and Leen Rieth’s own practice-led research.